What is the Domaine?

A living museum nestled in the heart of a garden park on the banks of the St. Lawrence River.

This exceptional natural site is a special place for discoveries, nature and history, picnics and relaxing getaways that are sure to please all the family members.

Take advantage of this visit to recharge your batteries in nature as well as to explore the trails of its ancient forest, discover its manor steeped in history, photograph its landscapes, take a walk along the river and admire the beauty of its gardens.







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about this living museum

This extensive, picturesque 19th-century garden park offers: 

  • an exceptional natural site of 138 hectares spread over three natural terraces;
  • unique architectural complex of 12 historic buildings;
  • an interpretation centre with exhibitions, antique furniture and art galleries;
  • a collection of more than 2,700 varieties of plants in 10 thematic gardens;
  • a wide range of educational and cultural activities;
  • nearly 10 km of walking trails in the gardens, forest and along the St. Lawrence River;
  • guided tours for school and social groups;
  • picnic areas in the shade of tall, century-old trees;
  • a quiet and safe site for walking and hiking;
  • an ideal place for photography;
  • a recognized site for birdwatching;
  • an enchanting setting for open-air weddings, corporate meetings or events and family celebrations.