Mission and Commitments

"Preserve and enhance this unique heritage site
to ensure its sustainability for present and future generations."

Mission and General Goals

So that the legacy can be shared.

The Domaine Joly-De Lotbinière Foundation is a non-profit organization with a charitable status. To assist in its strategic orientations and realization of its projects, it can count on the sound advice and volunteer support of representatives from the business, political, educational, horticultural, and heritage communities, both regionally and nationally. Its mission is to preserve and enhance this unique heritage site to ensure its continued existence for present and future generations.
Guardian on behalf of the community, the Foundation does its utmost to ensure that this national heritage jewel, a precious legacy bequeathed by the Joly de Lotbinière seigniorial family, is visited and recognized not only nationally, but also worldwide. It pursues and develops its activities around four main pillars:

A Conservation Dimension

The Foundation safeguards the natural and historic heritage of Pointe Platon through various enhancement projects and through exemplary and innovative environmental practices.

A Horticultural Dimension

The Foundation improves its collection of plants and its gardens through various horticultural experiments, thus developing an expertise that it shares with visitors.

A Tourism Dimension

The Foundation strives to enhance and promote the Domaine both nationally and internationally through reception, animation and communication services.

An Educational Dimension

The Foundation fosters discovery and learning through the deployment of its educational program activities designed to enhance environmental, heritage and cultural awareness.


The Domaine Joly-De Lotbinière Foundation, an organization committed to...

Conservation and Sustainable Development

The Foundation works to preserve the natural, cultural and architectural heritage of this unique site, while at the same time ensuring the protection of the environment and its resources. The attention to detail in the restoration of the buildings, the responsible use of drinking water, the choice to treat wastewater with a biofilter, the use of electric vehicles for transportation, the use of the best cultivation methods, and the importance of recycling on the site are concrete examples of our approach to conservation and sustainable development.

Education and Awareness

For the Foundation, education is an essential value because it is at the core of its mission. The Foundation makes every effort to share with the greatest number of people, the invaluable legacy bequeathed to us by the Joly de Lotbinière seigniorial family. The educational program and its tools for families, school and social groups, as well as the various activities and exhibits are designed to make visitors, young and old, aware of the importance of preserving heritage, culture and environment.

Cultural and Artistic Promotion

An interpretation site for heritage and culture, the Domaine offers pleasant moments of discovery. Each year, the Foundation puts forward a wide range of cultural activities for thousands of visitors of all ages and backgrounds. The painting symposium, art gallery exhibitions, and several pastoral concerts are the Foundation's main actions to actively support the cultural community, while encouraging local and emerging artists.

Community Regional Development

Since its establishment, the Foundation has been involved in the community, in cultural, tourism and economic levels. Its social responsibility is reflected in concrete actions such as contracting local suppliers, developing packages with regional businesses, distributing free admissions to community organizations and hiring people in rehabilitation. These initiatives positions put the Foundation as a leader in the social economy because of its commitment to the community.