Indigenous from the Prehistoric Era1

Recovered remains show that 4,500 years ago, Indigenous from the Prehistoric Era already inhabited Pointe Platon, an immense point formed by three natural terraces covered with forests where game and berries abound.

On the intermediate terrace, a small stream runs through the forest, descends steeply and then flows into the river.

It is at the foot of this small waterfall that these hunter fishermen installed their summer dwellings a few thousand years ago. Leaning against the cliff and protected from the prevailing winds, they were only a few steps away from the beach. Nomadic people, they lived by gathering fruits and berries, fishing and hunting. Moreover, this point constitutes an exceptional strategic place, since it allows its occupants to see the boats on the river coming from the east and the west. Dozens of generations enjoyed the resources and proximity of the river every summer.

  1. Period generally defined as "before the first written documents appeared". In Quebec, the historical period begins with the arrival of Europeans who settled on the territory.