Visitor Policy

To plan your visit to the Domaine, here are a few safety guidelines to help preserve your heritage.


The rules outlined below aim to protect the Domaine's wealth and ensure its sustainability for the benefit of future generations. These concerns us all. As visitors, we also have a role to play: each one of us has a duty to behave responsibly to ensure the well-being and safety of all.

  • For the Safety and Well-Being of All

    Respect the Rules

    • By respecting the opening and closing hours displayed at the entrance. (All vehicles must leave the parking by 6:00 p.m.)
    • By avoiding the intake of alcoholic beverages on the premises except at the café
    • By refraining from entering areas prohibited to the public
    • By staying on the trails so you do not come in contact with poison ivy
    • By complying with the ban on hunting throughout the premises
  • For Environmental Conservation

    Respect Flora, Fauna and the Habitat

    • By not picking flowers, plants, trees and their fruits
    • By avoiding swimming in ponds (animal included)

    Respect the Environment

    • By disposing of your waste in garbage or recycling containers
    • By not carving on the trees and not doing graffiti on the furniture
    • By respecting the ban on fires, including stoves and barbecues

    Respect all visitors and staff members

    • By respecting the calm of the premises (no use of audio equipment or other sound instruments)
    • By supervising, holding your pet (cat, dog) on a leash (1 m long or less). Picking its droppings and disposing it in the garbage

    Respect the Heritage

    • By not collecting any historical or prehistoric artifact found on the premises
    • By not smoking indoors
    • By not touching artworks, objects and antique furniture inside the Pointe Platon Manor
    • By not photographing any of the old interiors and exhibitions of the Pointe Platon Manor
  • Access for people with reduced physical capacity

    The study carried out by the Kéroul organization classifies the Domaine's site as 'partially accessible'. To facilitate the visit of the site for seniors or people with limited physical ability, wheelchairs are available at the reception centre. Given the limited number of wheelchairs available, we recommend that you reserve one by contacting us.

  • First Aids and Lost Objects

    If you need first aids or if you have lost or found something, please contact a staff member.

We wish you a pleasant day at Domaine Joly-De Lotbinière.

The Domaine's team members