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Activities that are both educational and enjoyable to explore nature, learn about history and have fun.

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or by phone at 418-926-2462 to discuss about your nature class project.

Discover, Explore, Learn

Domaine Joly-De Lotbinière, a Natural Site with Multiple Richness

The Domaine offers students a stimulating and diversified environment: rubbing shoulders with the giant trees of an ancient forest, visiting the interiors of a 19th century seigniorial manor, discovering trees from all over the world, exploring a vegetable garden and its varieties of vegetables, being amazed by the diversity of flowers in the gardens, picking shells along the St. Lawrence River, awakening to its role in preserving the environment, and much more.

All these activities awake children's curiosity, marvel, and stimulate their desire to learn.

A Stimulating Educational Program

In conjunction with the Quebec schools' new training program, we offer students a wide range of learning experiences (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) in various fields (history, nature, sustainable development and the environment) throughout a day of discovery.

The animated tour, activities and observation games allow young people to develop a range of skills related to the social universe (teamwork, problem solving and critical thinking).

The activities offered are adapted to the different school levels: elementary 1st grade, elementary 2nd grade and elementary 3rd grade.

Please note that we can also develop with you personalized activities for your group (elementary, high school, CEGEP or university).

NOTE: the Domaine Joly-De Lotbinière is recognized by "La Culture à l'école", a ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec program, as a cultural organization offering various activities for school groups.

General Information

  • Offered Services

    PLAN YOUR VISIT: please contact our Head of Groups, at 418-926-2462. She will answer your questions, advise you and plan your visit with you.

    free of charge because we count on their contribution and active participation to ensure harmony between the group members and respect for the site throughout the visit.

    One or more guides, depending on the number of students, will greet your group at the reception centre upon your arrival.

    A secure area is available for your group to drop off backpacks and lunch boxes during activities or lunch (maximum 80 people).

    Several picnic tables as well as large green areas for running and playing ball at lunchtime are available for your group.

    Drivers have easy access to the parking lot located near the reception centre. Afterwards, they can leave their buses in the spaces reserved in the 3rd parking lot.

    One (1) free admission for the bus driver (non-transferable).

  • Duration of activities
    • Each activity lasts from 45 to 75 minutes.

    • Allow an extra 15 minutes per activity for explanations and walking.
    • Usually, a combination of three (3) activities will fill a day at the Domaine.
  • Student Supervision

    In exchange for the free admission for teachers and chaperones, we count on their contribution and active participation to ensure good understanding, harmony, and respect among all group members during the visit.

    The presence of accompanying people is recommended in the following proportions:

    • for preschool and elementary school groups: one (1) adult for seven (7) students.
    • for the 2nd and 3rd grade of elementary school groups: one (1) adult for ten (10) students.
    • for high school groups: one (1) adult for fifteen (15) students.
    • These proportions can be modified according to the activities chosen for your visit.

    IMPORTANT: Teachers and chaperones are also responsible:

    • to ensure that each student has his or her lunch and a water bottle;
    • to ensure that each student has, depending on the weather, adequate clothing, and good walking shoes, as well as sun lotion and mosquito repellent, if necessary.
    • to remind all group members (students, teachers, and chaperones) with allergies (bees, wasps or other) to carry their epinephrine auto-injector (Epipen, Allerject or other) with them.
  • Lunch

    Students, teachers, and chaperones must bring a cold meal to lunch at the Domaine, either inside the Cottage or on the picnic tables in the shade of the tall, century-old trees.

    After lunch, a short period of relaxation allows the students to run and play ball.

  • Rates and Reservation Methods

    RATES 2022 :

    special rates are available for school groups of 15 or more students:

    • for a visit of half a day : $10 per student, taxes included*
    • for a one-day visit: $14 per student, taxes included*

    * These rates are subject to change without notice.


    The teacher or organizer of school outings must contact our Head of Groups, at 418-926-2462 in order to plan the day for the visit and choose the activities.

    RESERVATION REQUIRED for school groups, at least two weeks in advance. However, it is possible to book at the last minute depending on availability.

     When booking by phone, it is important to specify:

    • date of your visit
    • a 2nd date, in case of rain on the first day selected
    • times of your arrival and departure
    • your group's grade level
    • desired activity(ies)
    • total number of students
    • number of teachers
    • number of chaperones
    • name, contact information, email and phone number (school)
    • the teacher's name or the person in charge as well as his or her personal telephone number. We will have to talk to each other very early in the morning depending on the weather, in case the buses need to be cancelled.
    • all other relevant information and special needs of your group such as allergies, special needs, disabilities, handicaps or other.


    A reservation agreement must be signed prior to the arrival of your group. The Domaine will send you a confirmation number as well as all the information you need to ensure that your visit goes smoothly. Please notify us as soon as possible in case of any change or cancellation. 


    The invoice will be issued after the visit. It will be payable within 30 days following the visit. Payment can be made by check, credit cards (Visa or MasterCard) or bank transfer.

Proposed Activities

Educational and fun activities on a natural site with amazing secrets.